Jewelry Design Book Vol 3

Jewelry Design Book Vol 3.
Where dose inspiration motif come from? Why do the designers and artists do large research to find a motif for the new creation? The motif may be an idea, object, or occasion, or theme. Motif has been taken an important role in the Jewelry designing. The motif is a central concept behind the theme, to make different the theme and symbolizes the idea.
The motif has assumed an important role in the jewelry design. The jewelry designers have always found a way to express their ideas through the motifs which give strength. From the natural shapes like animals, birds, insects, flowers, fishes to geometric shapes as the heart, cross, circles and abstract and fluid motion and surfaces. The motif, mainly inspired by nature, are widely used throughout all over the world. A hand-made piece of jewelry by a craftsman is able to live forever. Perhaps the natural motifs are the jeweler's favorite elements to make fine jewelry in different styles and with different materials.
In 2010 and 2011, the animal motifs were very successful in the world. Many jewelers have made all kinds of jewelry with the figures of animals, as realistic as possible. To make it realistic, they used precious stones of any capacity to give large volume lowering the cost. Pink, blue, yellow sapphires, and rose cut color diamond of various colors and shapes and also use of enamel were the first materials and tools to give maximum beauty and jewelry. Instead this year, also the reason of the natural element is the subject for the jewelers, the geometric Art Deco as a style again becomes mainstream.
So why all this comment about motif? Because in Milan, there is a jewelry designer that publishes Jewelry Design Book every year. Sunghee Kim, founder of the Design Studio 'Stella B' in Milan(author of the Trend Book 2003-2004 Fiera di Vicenza), projects this design book since 2009. The vol.3 is just published in March using only one theme- 'Geometry'. For the book, she collaborates with the publisher Korea Jewelry Business News (well known as TREND magazine), prints only 300 copies per issue. The book contains more than 100 designs in geometric style, 98 pages of color printing on thick paper with the wire binding to make easier of use over the goldsmiths working table. The drawings do not have the copyright so the designers and manufacturers can use them as a source of inspiration for their own collection.
All materials used to this book- from ideas and research, photographs, designs, renderings and texts are totally made by Sunghee Kim in 3 months with hard work.
The First Jewelry Design Book was published in 2009 in two themes: Secret Garden for natural motifs and Modern Times for geometrical motifs. The Vol.2 was developed by a single theme: Vol.2 as 'Animal Kingdom' and this year for the 'Geometry'.
Sunghee has already decided the theme for the Jewelry Design Book Vol.4 for 2013. The Symbols of the world.

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