AZUELOS Presentation

From 2003 Sunghee Kim has been working for MAISON AZUELOS as art director creating gorgeous, modern, unique, and fashionable high jewelry pieces.

The AZUELOS history began in 1920 when Isaac Azuelos, the grandfather of Serge and Patrick (shareholders and respectively CEO of the company) began making fine diamond jewelry in the capital of Morocco. In 1955 Joseph Azuelos opened his small shop in the center of Rabat and started to propose his unique pieces of jewelry for Moroccan clients.

From the original store in Rabat, started by Joseph in 1955, the Azuelos label expanded to include an elegant store in Casablanca in 1993, followed by three more luxury boutiques in various locations in Rabat Agdal and Casablanca Morocco Mall. All stores carry a selection of prestige watches, including brands such as Rolex, Tudor, Jaeger-LeCoultre, and Chanel. However, fine jewelry makes up the bulk of sales.

Maison Azuelos also offer a service of creating custom jewelry for its clients, involving new pieces or redesigning older pieces to make them more fashionable.

Along with more traditional lines, Azuelos creates modern jewelry with purified lines based on the ethnic designs of the Berbers, Tourane’s, and Arabs. These pieces go well with the very fashionable Caftan, the nation’s “national dress.”

AZUELOS Manufacture


The largest family-run jewelry retailer in Morocco, Azuelos brings together the best of high-quality European design with traditional Moroccan culture. The creative headed up by Milan-based Sung-hee Kim, who keeps her finger on the pulse of trends in Europe,” explains Serge, adding that most of the company’s customers appreciate European style creations, and identify, in particular, with the French market through the press and, of course, fashion.

After the pieces are designed on paper, the three maestros go to work on the models, often bringing in diverse opinions to satisfy a range of tastes. The prototypes are then made, and a final selection is carried out.
From conception to final product, it often takes several months. Once the piece is produced, the reaction from the clients then determines if the line will be extended into other models. In general, an average piece will be produced about five times during its lifespan.

Most are manufactured in-house at the company’s atelier in Rabat. Diamond jewelry, in white, yellow, and red gold, is a mainstay of production, but the color is also very fashionable, and the company now regularly purchases high-quality color gemstones to feature in its creations.

ASILAH Collection Sketches. Design by Sunghee Kim


The AZUELOS makes elegant and fine jewelry using mainly 18K gold, VVS diamonds, and precious color stones. Jewelry style is modern contemporary and classic, easily recognizable.  
For Maison AZUELOS, the design is a very important and fundamental. Distinctive designs are developed by an internal team of designers who meticulously research their work and always
respect stylistic traditions.

AZUELOS Khmissa pendant

In 1999 Azuelos presented his first identifiable hand pendant “Khmissa”. Three different sizes hands hanging as one pendant. This creation brought such a big success and since then, “Khmissa” continues to be a trademark of Azuelos collection. The ‘Hand of Fatima’ is a symbol used in amulets, charms, and jewelry to protect against the "evil eye."   Serge Azuelos had a brilliant idea to make his collection giving the meaning to his jewels. Every year Azuelos presents more than 30 new Khmissa pendants in different styles and this collection becomes a most wanted of women for St. Valentine.

AZUELOS Fibula Pendant with Amethyst

In 2007, the Maison Azuelos presents FIBULA collection. Fibule is an ancient article of jewelry that holds capes and other garments in place. Fibule consist of two different shapes end pieces, which are pinned into the clothing, and a chain that connects them. Azuelos remade this piece of art giving modern elegance spirit. The new fibules has a pin and open circle down. The upper part is a modern and original shape in gold with diamonds and color stones. A small diamond is set at the end of the pin to close the acute point.
The Fibule is used as a pendant, bracelet, decoration part of sautoir and also his original usage -brooch.

AZUELOS Retro Pendant

Azuelos has always created links between past and present. The best example is the RETRO collection, inspired by lines of Art Deco designs. Azuelos recreates featuring geometric shapes and straight, clean lines. White gold and diamonds are all the rage, along with well defined forms, straight edges, smooth surfaces and harmonious proportions.

AZUELOS Sevilla ring with Amethyst

Azuelos wanted to put forward the art of  Moroccan jewelry modernizing its forms.
Seven centuries of Arab influence in Spain have impregnated until today the architecture of the region. When Azuelos have settled to draw their new jewelry line, they have also inspired by the Giralda Cathedral doors, formerly the Grand Mosque in Seville built in the 12th century on the model buildings Almohads similar to Koutoubia in Marrakech and the Hassan Tour in Rabat.
The SEVILLA collection has everything to attract new generations.

AZUELOS Blooming Earrings

This collection is inspired by nature-Blooming flowers. All the jewels are very light and feminine. The thin but shinning lines draw curve blooming diamonds flowers. This shows very well the feminine characteristic of the Maison Azuelos.

AZUELOS Moucharabieh cuff

The fine jewelry house Azuelos, which specializes in traditional Moroccan motif has always been dazzled the high society women with its jewelleries inspired by the beauty and romance of traditional Moroccan craftsmanship. This year, a new motif is inserted in their collections: The Moucharabieh. The moucharabieh is a wooden construction that serves to protect a window, a door, an entrance, and allows women in Arab countries to safeguard a certain intimacy of the traditions and customs of Islam. The moucharabieh is an integral part of the Arabic architecture, both ancient and contemporary. The Azuelos took this motif and has created a new collection with more than 50 pieces of modern and important jewelleries of highest quality.

The President Serge Azuelos said "Our new Moucharabieh collection is a range of innovative and sophisticated jewels that satisfy the wide market. Continue to redefine the image of Moroccan modern jewelry marrying with modern and innovative design and exquisite craftsmanship with extraordinary Moroccan culture. "

The designer Sunghee Kim explains, "The geometric pattern of moucharabieh is very modern and it has inspired us to create our latest collection. The light that passes through the moucharabieh’s geometric holes is a spectacle. Seems to be the cascade of diamonds. We have turned this spectacular image to delicate and refined jewelry in gold, diamonds, and other precious stones. "

The Moucharabieh collection captures the essence of women who looking for modern and original products with its beauty, elegance, and modernity.


The creativity of Azuelos is confirmed winning the 1st prize in the brooch category for the unique piece “COMETA” at the 5th Tahitian Pearl Trophy Middle East. Cometa is a traditional Moroccan fibule redesigned by Sung-hee Kim in a modern way with 11 Tahitian black pearls.


AZUELOS Boutique in Rabat Agdal

The comfortable stores and the high level of customer service are another element of the success of Maison Azuelos. The boutiques are airy and modern, elegant yet classic. Customers enter on a red carpet, symbolizing the Red Carpet treatment they will receive inside. Once in the store, customers can relax while they look at jewelry, listen to music, or watch information about the products on a widescreen television.
With its fashionable products, good customer service, and savvy marketing campaigns, Azuelos should continue to successfully blend tradition for generations to come.
Now the Azuelos boutiques are in Casablanca, Morocco Mall, Rabat Agdal, and Rabat Megamall. 

AZUELOS Boutique in Morocco Mall