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Van Cleef & Arpels Peau d'Ane Collection 2014

I was there. At Chambord Castel.(normally I don’t write where I was, what I did, but this time I decide to write because it was one of the most dreamy experience that I’ve ever had before)
When I was invited from Van Cleef & Arpels as journalist(as you know, I’m correspondent of Korean daily newspaper JoongAng Ilbo Sunday Magazine), I thought it was kind of normal presentation, but I was wrong.
First of all, they gave me the business class flight ticket. From Milan to Paris is short journey but I was really surprised and appreciated a lot.
When I was landed in Paris, there was a lady a front of the gate with my name. I followed her to the personal black Mercedes Benz with driver who was waiting just me.
My hotel was in Hotel Hyatt in Place Vendome. It was my second time to stay in this hotel and I can guarantee this hotel is really one of the best in the world. Concierge took my luggage and I did check in. In my room I found a lot of things. The welcome letter from the hotel, a beautiful chiffon scarf of French brand, chocolate box, and mostly 2 Peau d’Ane books made by Van Cleef & Arpels. One is movie book, and the other is like children’s 3D book-cut by laser in different levels so when I open it, it invites me in the fantastic world. I was already curious for the next day party.
Second day
In the morning I’ve received a personal schedule book. It was my schedule, not with everybody. Each time was marled with place pictures and information, even menu suggestions.
At 12:30, one hair dresser and make-up artist came to my room to prepare me for the Galà Dinner at Chambord Castle. I had red long cocktail dress and chiffon gown so my make-up was a little sexy and smokey.
At 3:00 pm, the black Mercedes car(with driver) has arrived to take me to the Chambord. Each journalist has his car and moved with one member of Van Cleef & Arpels. I was with Heather, the Korean PR manager of VCA. The distance from Paris to Chambord is around for 2 hours by car and in the car I watched the Peau d’Ane movie done in 1973 so I could understand the reason why the VCA choose it as new theme.
We arrived at Chambord ad 6:00pm. Mr. Nicolas Bos, the CEO of VCA was in the entrance to do welcome to each person. He looked like a bridegroom! All the men are in tuxedo and all ladies wore in red or blue cocktail dress.
The castle was decorated like dream place. Garden with flowers and trees, exotic birds around, medieval costume wearing people… The atmosphere was really fantastic! And finally we reached to the place where they prepared new high jewelry presentation. VCA divided in 3 themes all the jewelries in open area so I could observed very near.
At 8:00pm, the show was started. We went out to the garden where the big gazebo(tent) was build for the Galà dinner. All the people wore the medieval costume were actually actors, and they remade the wedding ceremony in the garden. They arrived with elephant, horses, donkeys, and finally beautiful ladies with VCA jewelries worn arrived by carriage. It was wedding between VCA and gemstones!
The dinner tables were adorned with thousand of exotic red and pink flowers and table was set with Bohemian crystal glasses and dishes. During the dinner, these beautiful models did catwalk between tables so we could enjoy again the beauty of jewels.
The event was finished with fireworks.
It was a dream. It was kind of realizing the dream. In the luxury, if one brand doesn’t make to dream, it is not a luxury brand.