Eternal Myth Long Necklace

Design&Making | Kim Sung Hee
Korean Textile | Gold Woven Silk with Round Patterns Other materials used |
Sterling Silver
, 24k Gold Plating, coral, Cubic Zirconia 

The red color, which means divinity, power, authority, and life,

was the color of Gonryongpo (or Hongryongpo) in the Joseon Dynasty. The opaque organic gem, coral, is threaded with a  gradient necklace string, and three sizes of small coral beads are used for the lower tassel. In addition, detachable clasps are used for the tassel and the back necklace. The clasps and central pendant are made of gold-plated sterling silver set with cubic zirconia, and the backside of the central pendant is perforated with the same design on the Korean fabric.

At the center of the pendant, an oval shape of red satin with supplementary golden wefts, which was restored using the traditional hand weaving Jacquard loom, is inserted. 
Ethernal Myth Long Necklace

Back side